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Patient Testimonials

“To Wellington House Dental Practice

Thank you so much for your services during a nightmare of a year for me dental-wise (+ pregnancy!) You always found me an appointment when i’ve been in pain. With dental services as they are at the moment I am very grateful to be registered at Wellington House. Special thanks to Rachel, Emi and Andrea” AL


“I would like to say a big thankyou to Helen, for all her patience and skill. I am so grateful Helen, you have given me my smile back. I was nervous , but your confidence relaxed me, I am so glad you are my dentist.” AC


“Having played golf locally recently with evening functions following, the freedom l now have is fantastic. No sneaky visit to the Ladies to secure my lower dentures before commencing the meal or even to talk!. I have so much more confidence in speaking directly to people and my speech has improved so much as l am not mumbling anymore. I smile with confidence.”
Mrs S

“Excellent advice and treatment at the hygienists. The best £100 I have spent- even better than the shoes! A professional and friendly service with common sense advice and care. Amazing results”

“Clearstep braces – fantastic and worth every penny. Unnoticeable and massive confidence booster”
Miss CS

“Excellent customer service. Professionalism at the highest quality.”

“Put at ease, good explanations and time for my anaesthetic to work!”

“It was my daughter’s first appointment for an extraction. The dentist took her through the stages and showed her all the equipment she would be using. I am sure my daughter coped well as she did because of this”

“I liked it because it was my first tooth out and I was worried but also excited and I hardly felt anything so I thought that was great!”

“I like going to the dentist because i like it here. Everyone is nice and friendly”
Daniel and Alexandra Lain

“I was very apprehensive about my first visit the new hygienist but it was amazing, I have never had my teeth cleaned with such confidence before, from someone so young and so professional. It was indeed such a wonderful experience with an in-depth talk on how I will clean and look after my teeth”
Mrs J Thomas

I really like the stickers because I collect them. Also the magazines are cool because my dad reads the golf ones. The drinks fountain is really good so when your teeth are done you can have a drink and wash all the taste away”
The Hughes family

“I have been using Wellington House Dental Practice for about two years and as well as minor routine work have had two broken teeth built up and restored to their previous condition. I am absolutely delighted with the result. The building is bright and airy and the receptionists are welcoming and helpful. A visit to the dentist at this practice is as pleasant an experience as it could be”
Harry Wiseman

“The implant operation was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. It didn’t hurt – I felt pressure in my mouth but not pain. I walked ¼ mile home and it didn’t bleed – just slight ooze. Eating has been no problem – soft diet. If I can cope with this implant operation at 71years old, anybody can.”
V Herbert




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