Denplan ExcelDenplan is a private capitation scheme, which for the payment of a fixed monthly fee helps you budget for regular preventive dental care without the fear of costly and unexpected bills. Wellington House Dental Practice is the only Denplan Excel accredited practice in Dereham. Denplan Excel is an advanced accreditation programme for dentists to help support clinical governance and professional regulation.

How does Denplan Cover work?
The scheme is a contract between you and your dentist. Denplan administrate this by collecting your subscription, a small part of this is used to pay for insurance cover provided by Denplan and the remainder paid to the practice. This means that your dentist can concentrate on the continuing needs of your dental health, rather than the actual amount of treatment you may need at any one time. The key advantage being that time can be spent on quality preventive care.

How is the level of my subscription calculated?
You are scored in relation to the number of fillings, root fillings, crowns and dentures you may have. The condition of your gums, the supporting structures of the dentition and your oral hygiene also attract a score. The total score will place you in one of five bands with a corresponding subscription rate. (see below)

What is covered as a Denplan Cover patient?
All routine examinations, radiographs, preventive treatment and Hygienists appointments. All fillings and root fillings, extractions, emergency treatment and treatment following an injury.
The provision of crowns, bridges and dentures are covered but the patient will have to meet the technician's charges (lab fees).

What is not covered?
The laboratory fees where a technician is used. Implants, Orthodontics and treatment of a purely cosmetic nature. The first £15 of the charges for out of hours emergencies or emergencies when you are away from home.

Denplan Fees: A= £16.35 | B = £24.39 | C = £33.61 | D = £47.08 E = £55.37

Treatment   Private Denplan
New Patient Consultation   £80.00 £80.00
Dental Health Check   £37.00 £0.00
Children’s Dental Health Check   £25.00 £0.00
  Treatment (fillings etc) on “first” teeth   £45.00 - £55.00 £0.00
Xrays   £8.50 - £35.00 £0.00
Fillings   £69.00 - £156.00 £0.00
Hygienists Appointment   £32.00 - £48.00 £0.00
Tooth Whitening from £295.00 £295.00
Tooth coloured fillings   £69.00- £173.00 £0.00
Porcelain Veneers and Inlays   £445.00 - £500.00 Lab Fee only
Dental Implants from £2200.00 Lab fee only
Root Fillings   £290.00 - £400.00 £0.00
Extraction (Depending on complexity)   £104.00 - £208.00 £0.00
Crowns/ Bridges   £495.00 - £575.00 Lab fee only
Dentures   £420.00 - £1000.00 Lab fee only
Chrome Dentures   £450.00 - £1200.00 Lab fee only
Emergency Call-out fee (weekends and weekdays)   £115.00 £15.00