Children's Payment Plan


We have introduced into our practice a payment plan specially designed for the younger members of your family.

The cost of the plan is 10.07 per month. For this your child will be provided with a dental health program that will include two full dental health checks with their dentist, which will assess ongoing dental health and development as children grow up; one appointment each year with the dental hygienist to assess and improve the control of the factors that could cause dental problems, and as many visits as necessary with one of our dental health educators to ensure a good knowledge and skills base of how to stay dentally healthy for life. In line with modern clinical guidelines the application of fluoride varnish, if desired, to your child's teeth twice a year is also included in the plan.

We firmly believe that this tailored program will provide children with the skills, knowledge and habits to help them stay optimally healthy, and with the best chance of staying filling-free for life. If any treatment is required then this will be charged at a reduced rate of our normal private fees.