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Dental Charges

This is a guide to the normal charges that apply to your treatment. Fees are based on the costs of providing the standard of care that we feel is right for you.

We have the freedom to use the best materials to restore your teeth and we will be able to employ the most skilled technicians to back us with high quality laboratory work. This will ultimately mean longer lasting fillings, crowns and dentures. The hygienists and your dentist will be able to spend more time with you at each appointment so that you feel less rushed and we can help you to keep your mouth healthy. In the long run preventive dentistry means less treatment and therefore less cost.

New Patient Consultation
Dental Health Check
Children's Dental Health Check
Treatment (fillings etc)
on "first" teeth
£47.00 - £57.00
£9.80 - £40.00
£78.00 - £176.00
Hygienist Appointment
Tooth Whitening
from £295.00
Tooth coloured fillings
£98.00 - £234.00
Porcelain Veneers and Inlays
£458.00 - £515.00
Dental Implants
from £2400.00
Root Fillings
£468.00 - £585.00
(Depending on complexity)
£117.00 - £234.00
Crowns/ Bridges
£510.00 - £595.00
£445.00 - £1030.00
Chrome Dentures
£570.00 - £1240.00
Emergency Call-out fee (weekends and weekdays)

Our practice policy is to provide you with a written estimate of your treatment costs before we agree to proceed. If there is any change in your treatment and costs, we will inform you, and agree with you how to proceed. For your convenience, we accept debit and credit cards for payment. We also offer interest free payment plans for extensive treatments. Payment for your treatment will be due on each visit.

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