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Fee guide

Wellington House Dental Price and Fee Guide

Fees for private specialist dental treatment vary widely.  Fees vary due to the complexity of the problem the locality and the quality of the materials used. We have the freedom to use the best materials to restore your teeth and we will be able to employ the most skilled technicians to back us with high quality laboratory work.  This will ultimately mean longer lasting fillings, crowns and dentures.  The dentists and hygienists will be able to spend more time helping you to keep your mouth healthy.  In the long run preventative dentistry means less treatment and more importantly less cost.

You should always ask for information from the dentist about the available treatment options.  A written quotation will be provided to you, but this is only possible after the dentist has assessed your problem at the consultation.

Treatment plans and quotations are reviewed on an on-going basis during the treatment.  Any changes to the plan once your treatment has commenced will be informed to you.  You will have the opportunity to agree to the modified treatment plan prior to any further treatment being carried out or the original treatment plan being continued.

COVID – 19 Surcharge cost will be an additional £8 for non aerosol generating procedures and £36 for all aerosol generating procedures (£51.50 if two nurses are required) please click here for full explanation

New Patient Consultation, (excluding x-rays)

New Patient Emergency Appointment





Small x-ray £ 10.50
Panoral x ray £40
Dental Health check £48
Child Dental Health Check £28
Child Treatment (fillings etc) on “First” teeth £50-£60
Hygienist Visit
Routine gingival/periodontal maintenance 30/40 mins £ 54/72
New Patient – hygienist £72
Composite restoration £104-£250
Amalgam restoration £83-£187
Molar Root fillings
(dependent on number of roots per tooth) £500-£620
Crown and Bridgework
Crown (per tooth) £540-£620
Veneers £545-£630
Porcelain inlays £540-£620
Gold inlays £710-£770
Bridgework estimated on request
Partial denture in chrome/cobalt £600-£1,320
Dentures £470-£1,100
Precision, hidden clasp dentures estimated on request
Tooth whitening from £320
Emergency Call Out Fee £185


Your treatment is planned individually for you.  An estimate of the cost for your dental treatment will be prepared prior to any definitive work commencing.

Payment for your treatment will be due on each visit.

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